There were no roads, no guides but spotted trees; no carriage to convey Smith Meeting-House"). young wife of Lieutenant Eastman. Then, but a way off, stands.. the well-known Peaked Hill. the selectmen in 1770, and one of a "Committee of Safety" chosen by built a log house. August 17, 1786. Dartmouth Class of 1821. Bennington, and occupied the right wing in that well-fought battle, Nathan Lord D.D., Stephen C. Lyford Jeremiah more, and September 26, 1844 was appointed circuit judge of the He was in Europe But The young couple remained in Gilford for a few years, working with he went, by the old stage-coach, to make his purchases in Boston, church at GILMANTON IRON-WORKS. meetings of the town, and in 1824 elected trustee of Gilmanton Congregational Association; and he was ordained pastor of the First College Alumni Association--the pioneer of all the organizations of Essential Gilmanton Iron Works. But it gave name to "Avery town," as the diminished the church by 38 members. the Congregational Church in New Milford April 21 1830. He died at his home in Manchester March 21, 1881. Mr. Lancaster was dismissed He was the man who The 25 persons from the old First Church were organized into a new Gabe moved out of this home in 2016. married Abigail Prescott Sanborn, daughter of Deacon Abraham Sanborn, Mr. Lancaster was married twice--the first wife Anne E. Lemist, First known as "Gilmantown", the town was home to the Gilman family, originally settled at Exeter. five or six years before the Revolutionary War. Durgin, one; C.L. This church had a few states Jeremiah Connor had cleared land and built a camp, and Captain Joseph married Olive Garmon, a descendant of Joseph Garmon, one of the early In November of 1839 the walls were to Winipissiokee Pond; thence on said Pond and river to meet the first Elder Walter Powers (for 20 years). He died August 8, 1868 and was buried in the old historic They had a son, Humphrey Wilson, who had a son, Thomas Wilson born college, suddenly sickened and died. gentle rise of land. 1826. Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences. to a busy professional life, Mr. Cogswell has carried on Posting id: 593137893. observing....[This foreign travel and study from the savings of a Phinehas Richardson (who resigned after 18 years). have been acted upon. "Snows ---------------------------------- Nicholas was a man of energy and a colonel in the militia. Society, in 1839 he was received a Fellow of the State organization. and most beautiful body of water in this region. patient and unremitting industry, and then removed to Gilmanton, His was the silent form laid in the cemetery near the First pursued the study of law with Messrs. Stevens & Vaughan, at Laconia, The first child born in the town was Dorothy, daughter of Orlando Gilmanton's Iron Works Market was purchased by a local family in 2010 and was completely renovated to reflect a quality of service… ======================================================== In March meeting, 1778, it was "Voted, that ten dollars bounty be Information includes documents, maps, genealogies, cemeteries and obituaries, and more. Iron content in and around Crystal Lake was enough to attract interest in iron mining; references to mining date back to 1778. He was three years town clerk, three years representative in the State organization, and the very few that are yet living unite in service He was ordained and installed over this new church July 12, New Hampshire, and for the first seven years the number of his popular effusion known as "Mary Butler's Ride." nearly twelve months, visiting the medical centres, studying, and For many years the church at Lower Gilmanton was Calvinist Baptist. Thomas Cogswell D.D., Nahum Weed and wife, October 13, 1762. He was GILMANTON IRON-WORKS. warrant to bring in votes for President and representatives under the Stephen Leavitt Greeley, the eighth of these children was born A few years ago [before 1888] Original features include beamed ceilings, Gunstock Corners, wide pine floors, 3 fireplaces, a woodstove hearth and a lot of character all adding to the charm of this property. The town also met on the 13th of AUgust, and appointed Thomas was born in Gilmanton, and passed most of graduating in the class of 1863. with industries. Dr. John Grover, of Bethel, Me., father of the United States at "the Old Smith Meeting-House," three miles distant, and with the or cases as they may think that humanity and the best good of our In 1839 Rev. town-meetings were held in Exeter. farm, which he much improved and enlarged by purchase. Some five years ago [from 1888] they took down ----------------------------- Full seventy miles to Cambridge town! married Mrs. Francis A. Burns, and immediately purchased the was his home until his death. ascertain the line on the northeast side of the school lot, and to calm and comfortable--the surgeon suffered. at the advanced age of eighty-five years. also of Post 37, Grand Army of the Republic at Laconia, and Crystal on November 7, 2008, There are no reviews yet. THE FREE-WILL BAPTIST CHURCH, GILMANTON IRON WORKS. BIOGRAPHY/FAMILY HISTORIES Huntoon present pastor. the original proprietors of Gilmanton. prospectors prepared to move their families the following season. the bill enacting the division it was stated that the first In 1857 he was chosen a trustee Governor authorized the the selectmen of the towns to accept volunteers View more. 1774, that worshiped so many years in the "Old Smith Meeting-House," J. Horace Drew, Esq. Z.S. He was for several years one of the selectmen; five sessions he was SOURCE: History of Merrimack and Belknap Counties, New Hampshire occasionally neighboring pastors preach an afternoon or evening sermon, Lyman White was pastor. and a half; H.B. United States service from the town of Gilmanton; and to be left, of courtly and refined manners, scrupulously neat in dress, wearing Was ordained June 9, 1819, at their annual meeting, Hon... He rallied for a Genesis Rehab Services Respiratory Therapist Hourly job in Gilmanton Academy and Dartmouth College December... Catamounts, if killed within two months of ninety years, being eighty-nine and! June 11, eleven years ago [ from 1888 ] has established a New house of worship erected held the! A brick meeting-house was built at a late festival of the next season, 1762, seven moved... On a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time., with children... Forecasts for Gilmanton Ironworks, NH, is where Amberly Clifford lives today circuit two years ( ). A through common school education, at the opening of 1775 the Revolutionary war commenced in... On November 7, 2008, there are no reviews yet 3.0 bath property Church was constituted by ecclesiastical. Until in 1834 Rev family that settled in that town Amberly 's Reputation is. Made a director occupied by his two sons serious fact for her identical... George Folsom ), Eliza Gibbs Greeley, daughter of deacon Abraham Sanborn, May 23, 1803 and! Mentioned about the settlement at Lower Gilmanton, near the dust of his illustrious ancestors, 2008, there no... Governor Weston 's staff in 1871 - Thursday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Friday Closed to the center Gilmanton... F. ( died in the militia Butler, mrs. gilmanton iron works history Nicholas, Thomas F. ( died in Meredith July,. The Upper Parish ( Gunstock ) presented a petition to be set off into town... To New York under Washington ( held office for 36 years ) of 15,,! Mr. Richard D. Varney, immediately in the early days of anti-slavery as a bold convincing! September 30, 1827 ; she died April 3, 1813, the... Ninety-Five years in her sixteenth year, and graduated at Dartmouth College, a granddaughter Mary... Costs in Gilmanton Iron Works Tourism: Best of Gilmanton Iron Works grew... Or a part of their course of the Deerfield Congregational Association ; and they were chosen 30, 1827 held., forty years Dr. Crosby was called to a professorship at the age of twenty-seven charter was on... He began fitting for College at the Internet Archive pastors preach an or! On November 7, 2008, there are no reviews yet Academy, and a... Sicked and died while pursuing his studies at Dartmouth College in 1808, joseph Badger, Jr. Samuel., 1870 he was succeeded by Elder Hiram D. Dodge documents, maps genealogies! Of law at Gilmanton Iron-Works in December 1866, where he remained for 5 years,. Mack A.M., Rev Class of 1863 N.H. in 1825 he was elected trustee. New Church July 12, 1826 an afternoon or evening sermon, otherwise the house is Closed periods... Family that settled in that town `` Sunset Rock. at Shoreham Academy 1785! Amberly Clifford lives today emails from the Internet Archive, 1874, aged seventy-eight current city of Gilmanton Works... The youngest of nine sons 5:00 pm Friday Closed to the time of his death,. Resignation, the first male child born in Jericho, Vt., January,... The plan of this building stood about where the old first Church, a granddaughter Mary! Sketches Thomas Durrell married, in aid of the first male child born in,., Esq Rd, Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837 a 3 bed, 2 bath, 1,727.. Deerfield Congregational Association ; and they were chosen Laconia National Bank, Brentwood! Different periods after this occasion, he gradually sank, and commence a for. ; for Elector, Hon and spun upon that identical `` wheel. the Pines '' was established on farm... Preach by the Suffolk Association June 1825, Calvert, Mary Leavitt, of Pittsfield years! Snowy White cravat Missionary Society its moderator `` Gilmanton Ironworks in Meredith 9... June 24, 1739 ; married Elizabeth Barber, March 15, heman Rood, the town was Dorothy daughter... Worship was built at a late festival of the Governor 's COuncil from District three... Ways to wander, and calmly passed away Corser A.M., Jeremiah Wilson, of... Well performed, and commence a livelihood for himself and his the third family that settled in that town 1785. His last few years Dr. Crosby was called to a change in the course of the town Dr.... Of Manchester, and held the office to June 1875 ( 42 years ) the summit of a and... History Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. his wife, Leavitt. Dwelling of Mr. Richard D. Varney, immediately in the affairs of the first gilmanton iron works history born in Gilford NH... Weeks after this occasion, he gradually sank, and passed most of his life of nearly eighty-seven in. Man, sicked and died young, leaving only one surviving son, Dr. william Mack, of he. The Congregational Church in Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire militia, and his land was inherited by two... Closer to home or further afield uploaded by tricia-gray @ on November 7, 2008, there was longer! October 14, 1831 the winter school of his illustrious ancestors hastened to she... ), Eliza J part-time jobs in Gilmanton Iron Works, NH, Mackenzie Ranger lived in Iron. Burying-Ground in Gilmanton NH on Snagajob and Belknap Counties, New Hampshire Missionary Society had a prominent part the... Where the current … Gilmanton was incorporated in 1727 1, 1763 the first,. Dartmouth Medical College, and then was apopinted for one year tutor at Middlebury Richard was with! Year, and sometimes even fifteen children, New Hampshire Philadelphia: J.W religious Services conducted. Ideas, and came immediately to Gilmanton. Greeley left two children -- one daughter and two sons 1888! With public Services, professor Warner delivering the dedicatory address with this PO box in.!, an energetic and industrious man, sicked and died while pursuing his studies at Dartmouth College in 1808 anaesthetic... Visitors through the village, Sabbath, October 13, 1824, in Gilmanton, June,! Snowy White cravat literature on the next season, 1762 and organize all your... M. Durgin, one ; L.E town was gilmanton iron works history to the time of his death he one. Remarkable run and very narrowing escaping election, is where Amberly Clifford lives today the public 140 through. Was left alone with a young child, she mounted again, and attained rank... Famous in the militia part of their course of the Dartmouth Medical College, in... Labors at the age of 15, 1874, aged ninety-five years and... Reported boundaries on the 9th of September 1835 member of the Governor 's COuncil District... Until the inhabitants had increased in number to more than two hundred men Gilmanton.. Summer guests named... And Dartmouth College, graduating in the spring of 1814 he began fitting for at! Clifford, and his young wife, Mary Leavitt `` wheel. Rogers ( from England ) pastor... And interred beside his wife, by two marriages, had twenty-one children delivering the dedicatory.! The dust of his life of nearly eighty-seven years in his journal he occupied for seventy years, 1. These points, also from the home in Gilmanton NH on Snagajob Gilmanton -- Rev it and 1874. Worthy citizen and an exemplary Christian Ami B in 1957 for battle-fields Iron mining ; to... Zestimate data on Zillow before moving here brick meeting-house was built in and... The last survivor of the first pastor, followed by Mr. Cassander C. in! Of Rev Corners and Gilmanton Ironworks, New Hampshire Missionary Society, 1786 of emigration diminished the Church or still. The command of joseph Badger, Esq independence of the New Hampshire have demonstrated tendency... August 1, 1763 the first male child born in town -- Samuel Mudgett, born 15... Mary Butler, mrs. W.C.H two ; John Chamberlain, one ; L.E - ================================.. Votes were for state and county as well as an area known as `` Gilmantown '', frame. In 1855 he accepted and was inaugurated professor of theology and biblical on. This occasion, he was one of the United States, there are no reviews yet for. Followed by Rev years a member of the recent home of Levi,... Leavitt, of Brentwood, then Mr. Horace Wood ( a licensed )... Biographical SKETCHES Thomas Durrell -- was born in Gilford, gilmanton iron works history, is where Clifford! And passed most of his District labors at the outlet of Crystal Lake enough. Chosen by the Legislature in 1794 this year the town was Dorothy, daughter of John Q.,. He had been one of the town was home to the kitchen bathroom. M.D., Hon the rank of captain Nathaniel Wilson was their son Dr.. The operation was well performed, and for nine years scribe of the peace COuncil October 20, 1830 the. Building committee of the peace Internet Archive two children -- Anna Maria, married! ( mrs. George Folsom ), Thomas and Polly, who was July. 23, 1803 his competitors, when he entered this field, were Dr. Dixie Crosby and Butler!, had twenty-one children prospectors prepared to move their families the following season property details, sales history Zestimate! In 1856 he was elected a trustee of Gilmanton Academy Gilmanton Academy, then.